Rotoloop is a music project made with the help of electronic machines, one piano, and a brain.

Rotoloop is very interested in sound design, social & musical structure, techno, sociology, sci-fi, computer security, experimental music, composition techniques and some other things. The world is dealing with censorship, a survei‚Äčllance state and governments trying to control the Internet. Thanks to political thinking and hacker activism, after Snowden and Wikileaks revelations the world is more aware about it, but the limits must be pushed a bit more. The internal structure and the sound design of the music tries to reflect all of this.

Highly influenced by artists as different as Bartok, Stockhausen, Richie Hawtin, Monolake, Sepultura, The Prodigy, Ligeti, or PETDuo, the music that Rotoloop composes is a mixture between ancient and modern techniques.

To contact him you can use his PGP public key.


Rotoloop's photographer (for almost all the pics) is Natalia Sancha, who takes an inside look at this crumbling away world. Bright and dark paintings by Román Linacero.