Orchestral Works

// Globalization //

This composition was made remembering the effects that we're having in the world, translated to the internal structure of the piece and to the relations between motifs and rhythm. The instruments are not grouped in the usual way. Each instrument has its own independent part, which allows a massive clustering of voices.

The piece has three main sections, with the first and second section divided in another three parts as well.

The central part of the composition is somehow much more pointillist and colorist. Most of this central section is a multiple voice canon. Some of the voices are retrogressions of others. Each sub-section is ordered in a cumulative way with a texture far different from the first section. This canon has some deviations, in the same way that the governments are suppose to assure food security for people, but instead they assure companies benefits.

The last part is a recapitulation of the main theme and the initial percussion. Things that happen in the past are again here, with subtle differences... but now we have more data to understand them.


// New Human //

This was a present done some time ago for a friend because of his daughter birth.

The track uses both free serial and tonal procedures and the structure is AA', because after a birth the life is the same... but everything has changed. "A" shows the parents live, more pointillist for one of them and more melodic for the other. Then, three strong chords; pregnancy announcement! Although structure is kept, the sounds change; a mental shift appears in the parents.

Around the center of the piece the birth happens... More defined melodies, longer sounds. Everything is similar but different at the same time. The prime form of the serie changes to a transposed one, in the same way that the parents are the same but have added new elements to their lives.